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My journey to transformative thinking around Customer Experience began in the media business. I watched traditional media being turned on its head. The way we used to think about "customer experience" had to change if we wanted to stay relevant. The newspaper industry was the first to fall. It is a shell of what it once was because it failed to see how their customers would want to experience the news. A live Twitter feed with video, audio and real time posts would have helped them stay relevant, but traditional thinking publishers didn't want to give their "content" away for free. How'd that work out? 

Spotify is redefining audio because it understands customer experience. Netflix. Amazon Prime. Don't get Uber'd. Digital transformation is the most important initiative of the modern enterprise. 50% of the Fortune 500 has disappeared in the last 15 years because of the disruption economy we now have to compete in. The winners will make it their mission to deliver world class customer experience (CX) in a modern, digital age.

Customer Experience Is Really, Truly, Undoubtedly All That Matters 

by Charlene Li - The Way To Customer-First

Customer experience is a hot topic among executives today, but it is by no means a new term.

Small business owners of the past relied on customer experience to succeed. It was built into how these mom-and-pop stores operated. They remembered customers’ habitual orders and offered in-person advice on products and services. On a small scale, they truly knew their customers and focused on delivering the right experiences for them.

As these businesses scaled, however, that customer focus dwindled. One-to-one relationships between business owners and customers were replaced by one-to-many advertisements, big sales transactions, and huge corporate silos. The customer’s experience, as a result, stopped being top priority.

Along Came Social Media…


#SprinklrLife | Thank You!  

I have always been passionate about the career choices that I have made - working for companies I truly believed in.

I left traditional media almost five years ago to embark upon a journey to find the epicenter of modern marketing. I started at Google and found myself working in an incubator advising several Boston tech startups. My first stop was SocialSphere - a public opinion strategy firm that was leveraging social data to help a diverse portfolio of clients that ranged from the Pope to POTUS. It was here that I learned about the power of social media and found myself on a path to Sprinklr  - a unicorn start-up with an enterprise offering in social media management.  

Sprinklr helps the world's largest brands do marketing, advertising, customer care, sales, research and commerce on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and 20 other social channels. We help brands and organizations deliver customer experience at scale.

I left Sprinklr to take a summer sabbatical and host the Social Influencer Podcast. To be continued!