About the Social Influencer


Hello, my name is Mark Keaney 

Husband, Dad, Coach, Mentor, Tech Junkie, Mediaphile, Ad Man. Helping brands deliver world class CX. Brand Globally. Market Locally. “Glocalization” is the future of customer experience.

After 20 years in the world of media, I began a new quest into the world of digital transformation, customer experience and the fun, fast pace world of social media. With the help of a Google incubator, I got involved with several Boston tech start-ups and eventually the role of Global Head of Sales for SocialSphere - a public opinion strategy firm with a social intelligence software offering. With clients ranging from POTUS to the POPE, I got a deep dive into the world of social data. From there I jumped on a unicorn start-up, Sprinklr - an incredible life and learning experience that has catapulted me to what’s next.

Today I get to work with some of the world's largest brands - helping them navigate and deliver best-in-class customer experience at scale. I am the Regional Vice President of Sales | East & Cananda @ Lithium Technologies & Spredfast. It is a brave, new world. Staying the course will run your business into the ground. Google. Facebook. Apple. Uber. Netflix. Amazon. These disruptive brands have changed the way consumers consume - raising the bar on every consumer experience at every touch point.

Are you prepared?

I started The Social Influencer Series to share the stories and voices of people that I have worked with and admired over the years - CMO's, thought leaders and visionaries. Old friends and new partners who are willing to share their experiences with you.

Since 2010 I have been working as a consultant and board advisory member on several different start-up ventures, helping build sales and marketing strategies for: Adia Nutrition, Memsaic efundraising, Ovation Sportswear, EMG, North Shore Golf Magazine and Pod617.

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