CX | My Journey Here

Customer Experience has always been at the heart of industry. In today’s connected world - it is truly the only way to compete. There was a time that advertising was central to a brand’s go-to-market strategy. Broad reach across a wide audience was the goal. Google, Facebook and the iPhone simply changed the game; everything is different now and here we are.

Customer Experience (CX) is King.


My Life In Media

I got my start in Ad Sales working first in Boston radio, then in Los Angeles. That transformational foundation propelled me to leadership roles at both CBS and Comcast until my final post in the media industry - as VP/Director of Sales for Greater Media (GMB) in Boston.

I worked with some incredibly talented people and clients along the way, but I am most proud of the work we did as a team at GMB. We were able to grow a $50MM+ business in a declining radio economy with creativity; innovation; vision and teamwork. We built successful digital and event businesses, becoming branded as a true “local activation company” for global and regional brands. Together we built - GMB Live & Local.

My proudest accomplishment - being part of a team that won the 2012 CMA for Major Market Station of the Year (Country 102.5).


Google - “The Internship”

I left traditional media with a singular focus. I was going to go work at Google. That was the plan. I wanted to be at the epicenter of modern marketing.

Unlike Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s characters in The Internship, I did not get a job at Google, but made a great contact who introduced me to a Google sponsored tech incubator and opened my eyes to the true epicenter of modern marketing - data. Through volunteering and networking I connected with the CEO of SocialSphere - a public opinion strategy firm that was leveraging social data to help a diverse portfolio of clients from the Pope to POTUS.

I became their Global Head of Sales and built a go-to-market strategy for both sales and success. It was here that I learned about the power of social media and found myself on a path to Sprinklr - a unicorn start-up and an incredible life and learning experience for me.


Lithium | Vista Equity Partners

I write this from Austin, Texas. I am here for on-boarding for my new role as Regional Vice President of Sales | East of Lithium Technologies. This is home to our largest office and also our investment firm, Vista Equity Partners.

On my first day we announced the acquisition of Spredfast and proclaimed that “the future of customer engagement starts here”.

To say that I am excited to be here is an understatement. The culture. The team. The narrowed focus on delivering a best-in-class platform for customer experience. I am beside myself and I am falling in love with both my company and the city of Austin, Texas.

More to come in the weeks to follow, but click on the button below to “learn more”. - Captain Obvious