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Social Influencer Series | Award Winning Writer, Head of Content - Christine Göös

Social Influencer Series | Award Winning Writer, Head of Content - Christine Göös

When it comes to a shortlist of favorite Nordic companies, my followers should know that I have an absolute love affair with Spotify. A close second and a hot one to watch is Smartly.io - a leading creative and advertising automation platform used by 650+ brands, including Uber and eBay.

I caught up recently with their Head of Content, Christine Göös about social; the changing advertising landscape; and poetry. Christine has a debut collection of poems and short stories - Naming Painkillers - which has been published this month and can be found here on Amazon

This was an incredibly interesting interview for the Social Influencer. Christine Göös is both a New York-based Ad Agency veteran and a talented writer who grew up touring in the circus in Central Europe. She is an award winning, creative copywriter and an Adweek, MediaPost contributor. In addition, Christine co-chairs the mBolden Executive Women’s Initiative to develop the MadWomen podcast into its second season, reimagining partnerships, content, and distribution for the podcast in 2018. See more at MBolden or her website.

Here is a snapshot of what she had to say:

You are the Global Content and Copy Lead at Smartly.io - how has social changed the advertising landscape in your opinion over the past ten years? 

When I started as a copywriter at TBWA back in 2010, social was just emerging as a platform; it was treated as more of an after-thought or add-on to TV and other traditional channels than a standalone channel. In the following years, social quickly established its status as the creative innovation hub for exciting campaigns. That, in my opinion, pushed creatives to rewire their brains and approach; you had to become part-technologist, part-strategist. As an audience-first medium, it became critical to understand both the storytelling opportunities enabled by technology and audience behavior on any given platform.

Social has changed how we perceive brands; they’ve morphed into these subjective, living organisms that are shaped by consumers. Online, audiences are quick to call out fake or phony brand behavior. Brands have to be more careful and more honest than ever before while remaining always on-call online. Managing a brand is consequently tougher than ever before. You’re expected to keep up with the ever-growing need for social content while protecting your brand from mishaps across multiple channels.

Innovating in the social advertising sphere has only accelerated in the past two years, particularly if you look at Facebook and Instagram; as measurement, targeting, and advertising formats become more and more advanced, we’re moving towards a future where advertising on social serves as an enhancing experience instead of interruption or intrusion.

What are the top trends you are seeing for advertising in 2018? 

From a tech standpoint, it will be Stories-first creative; short, vertical video content consumed on mobile. Creative Automation is another trend falling under the tech vein; brands will scale their advertising efforts by cutting down on repetitive tasks such as swapping out one graphic or text element from an ad by using automation tools. The latter will be great for creative professionals, as it will free up their time for bigger ideas and creative brainstorming.

As for advertising overall, I think we’re moving into an advertising-as-a-service type of scenario where brands are looking to find how they can communicate to add value, help their customers, delight, entertain, or educate them.

Looking at tech in particular, what is the secret to great creative? How does one tech firm cut through the noise in their crowded, competitive space? 

It all boils down to being helpful and valuable to your audience. For smartly.io, it means adding value in every creative touchpoint and harnessing the voices of our happy customers to demonstrate that we walk the talk.

In the big world of global branding - who's getting it right? Of the world's brightest brands who is shining most brightly when it comes to leveraging social/digital? 

I have a soft spot for brands that understand the power of community on social. Thinx is a brand that creates period proof underwear and breaks the norms of advertising personal hygiene products; they have deliciously Insta-appropriate branding and aren’t afraid to address taboos. I also love the skincare brand Glossier. The founder, Emily Weiss, ran a popular beauty site that resulted in her creating products for her social-first audience.

You are a co-chair of mBolden Executive Women's Initiative. What are you currently working on? 

We’re currently in pre-production for season 2 of the MadWomen podcast that tells stories of successful women in digital and mobile. Our focus for this season is to help women embolden their lives and careers through actionable and inspirational advice.

You have a debut collection of short stories and poems coming out this month (August) called "Naming Painkillers". Congratulations. What can we expect?  

Naming Painkillers is my debut collection of poems and short stories that explore modern dating culture, youth, womanhood, love, and loss in New York and in the many cities of Europe (I grew up touring in the circus). My writing style is both raw and entertaining, and it mixes internet and pop culture references like hashtags with allusions to 20th-century poetry.


Speed Round:

Celebratory Cocktail? Dirty Martini, extra olives

Proudest Accomplishment? Moving to New York

Go To Social Channel? Instagram

A Book You'd Gift? The Beautiful And The Damned by Fitzgerald

Inspirational Hashtag? #TechBabes

About the interviewer:

Mark Keaney is a Husband, Dad, Coach, Mentor and Leader. With over 20 years of experience in the media industry and a wild ride in the world of tech start-up & social - Mark is helping brands deliver world class CX at Lithium Technologies, where he is the Regional Vice President of Sales for the East and Central. His mantra is - Brand Globally. Market Locally. 

e: markkeaney8@gmail.com or t: @markkeaney2pt0

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